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Covert Ops: Testing Customer Support

Before coming to work at AspDotNetStorefront, I needed to know what kind of company it was. I had to know if, as an online store owner looking for a shopping cart, AspDotNetStorefront would be a delight to work with or if they’re a company that once the sale is done they’ll forget about you.

Grandma Babs always said “Actions speak louder than words,” so I watched and I listened. Not just to webinars, but to emails and chats and blogs and team correspondence. I even posed as a customer (Katarina) in chat once to see how I’d be treated if I knew absolutely nothing about AspDotNetStorefront and Vortx products! What I found was compelling. 


Chat With Katarina On 9/4/2010 8:53:52 AM

Jo says: Hello Katarina. My name is Jo how can I help you?

Katarina says: Hi Jo, I don’t have a website yet, but a product I’m dying to get online..how does your product work?

Jo says: oh, that’s a really big question – can you tell me a little more about what you mean by “how does it work?” do you mean technically? or what does it cost?

Jo says: or how do you get up and running?

Katarina says: If I bought your storefront i can use it to run my own business and have a website with it?

Jo says: it already is your website, Katarina, you don’t need two separate things it is designed to be your website with a store inside it’s a bit like renting high street space and finding the cash till is already in place!

Katarina says: that’s great!

Jo says: :-) I think so

Katarina says: I just pay and download a storefront? is there someone available to help me “install it” i’m not a tech type person…

Jo says: yes, you’ll need help, Katarina, and we have a really fantastic group of tech companies who work with us to help people just like you

Jo says: they’ll help you choose a “skin” (theme) and add your products and get hosted

Katarina says: so they help me design what i want my customers to see and how to enter orders so the sales of an item reduces the stock i have? what would it take to be my own host?

Jo says: just a windows server

Katarina says: thanks, i will now go download one of your demos-i tried before but i had problem learning how to do the “skins”…

Jo says: yes, Katarina, why don’t I introduce you to a partner right now who can help you while you’re testing it out? that way you can see if you like the people and it won’t cost you anything and they are always glad to help

Katarina says: you can give me a name and number please

Jo says: of course. Try this lady – she’s really nice and she often works weekends … sec , while I look it up?

Katarina says: sure. so she will help “advise” me for free?

Jo says: yes

Katarina says: wow-that’s great! if you yourself had to download a storefront and set up shop right now-all by yourself-could you do it?

Jo says: no!!

Jo says: and even if I could, there are things I am better at. Same is no doubt true for you

Katarina says: so it’s the same with the demo then?

Jo says: yes, this product (so far – we’re just working on the “easy – click and go” model ) is really designed to have experts involved

Katarina says: ok-one last thing i want to be sure on: if i bought your storefront i could run my whole company, it would have all my customers and vendors and more importantly track my inventory for me?

Jo says: hmmmmm – that depends, really

Jo says: if you are also selling through other channels, then you’d have to have a way of “centralizing orders”

Jo says: if you want a solution as full as that then you are looking, normally, at tens of thousands of dollars Katarina says: i can’t process p.o.’s with the storefront and receive them so inventory goes into stock? how do other people work their inventory with your storefront?

Jo says: plenty of people run significant businesses with just a storefront and something like Peachtree or Quickbooks and you can link those two together pretty easily, with some help

Katarina says: ok, great-you have a name for me to contact?

Jo says: yes, call Sally at ActiveLightning.com on 617 209 4221 I’m sure that she’ll be happy to help you make a decision

Katarina says: thank you

Jo says: I’ll let her know what we talked about, Katarina, if that’s ok?

Katarina says: sure, i may not contact her yet today-probably in the next week. i want to play and research more on your storefront.

Katarina says: is there always someone available or pretty much just m-f type hours?

Jo says: no, about 12 – 14 hours a day we cover this, and if we’re just too tired, you can always email support@aspdotnetstorefront.com and we pick email up more or less 24/7

Katarina says: ok, will talk to you soon

Jo says: thanks – good luck


This was a group dedicated to their customers, the developer, and the reseller. All were treated with respect. I saw a lot of “please” and “thank you” and “tell me how I can help” in everyday interaction with each other and with our customers.

It’s an imperfect world. Downloads hang up, systems crash, and products sometimes aren’t what you expected. But isn’t it important, gratifying and stress relieving to know that there’s a group of people that really and truly CARE about how they can help you? That’s the type of teammates I get to be with everyday.

Welcome to AspDotNetStorefront/Vortx World.

Population: GROWING!

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