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AspDotNetStorefront Upgrade Over-Easy

Upgrading your site to a new release can be daunting, but with the right help and properly following instruction, it can go off without a hitch.

When going through the upgrade instructions, pay special attention to anything in RED!

If in doubt don’t be afraid to ask before “trying something.”

Some of the most common issues we run across with upgrading are incorrectly updated databases, incorrectly licensed sites, and insufficiently tested staging sites.

When bringing an older database edition up to a new edition, it is important to step through the proper scripts from the new release’s db folder. If you happen to have a  6.1x database you are trying to get to, then you need to go through 4 different scripts:

Update 6.1 to 8.0.sql > Update 8.0 to > Update to 9.0.sql > Update 9.0 to Latest.sql.

Licensing has changed with the release of ML and MultiStore, where now the localhost and staging sites are automatically stated in the license, provided you setup the host headers/domains accordingly. This allows an unlimited number of test sites to be created and run off of one license. Localhost sites are good to go with no modifications. Staging sites simply require the host header to contain the exact phrase “aspdotnetstorefront” somewhere before the root domain name, such as “staging.aspdotnetstorefront.mydomain.com”.

When installing the license file (each install requires a license file), be sure there is only one license file in the {root} /images folder. See the User’s Guide for more information, and this Forum article for further explanation.

Testing important features is essential in deploying an updated Live site. Your staging site should be able to “Go live” in order to test live site functionality, such as payment gateways, shipping APIs, 3rd party applications and ANY customized features.

Always have a backup of your existing pre-updated site and database ready to implement again just in case there was something you just couldn’t catch in advance. With a site upgrade it is important to take the time to test every major function and not be in a rush to go live.

As my Dad always says, “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.”

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