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Managing your Stock Options: Inventory Control in AspDotNetStorefront

Have you ever ordered something online and then discovered that it was out of stock or on back-order? This has happened to most internet shoppers at some point and it’s obviously very frustrating. With your AspDotNetStorefront store, this doesn’t have to happen to your customers. Using the settings in your admin console’s Configuration > Inventory Control page, you can choose to display stock messages, edit what the messages say, and find other store-wide inventory settings.

Inventory Control page in the Admin Console

If the first item ‘Limit cart to quantity on hand’ is checked, the customer will not be able to add more quantity of a product to their cart than the current inventory. If they attempt to do so, they receive a message and the cart quantity is reduced to the available amount.

Inventory exceeded warning message

This also occurs in the cart if a customer has a saved product quantity that exceeds the current inventory and they view the cart:

Some of your item quantities were reduced, as they exceeded stock on hand.

If the second item ‘Show inventory table’ is checked, the customer is presented a table showing stock status for a product using the *Track Inventory By Size and Color option with Color/Size attributes.

Inventory Table customer viewing product

For admin users logged into the storefront, the table displays the actual quantity.

Inventory Table admin viewing product

For products that do not have attributes set, the stock status is shown as In Stock: Yes/No

Inventory Table for product with no attributes

The next section of the Inventory Control page is where you can choose to have stock status messages displayed or not, when the status changes, what the messages say, and where the messages appear:

  • You can choose to ‘Hide products with less than this inventory level’ where the products do not display if the inventory falls below the amount you choose. This is useful for stores that sell limited products such as auction items or collectibles and antiques.

HINT: If you would like to display the product stock status and also use the ‘hide’ feature, just check the ‘Show inventory table’ and the stock status will be displayed on the product pages.

  • The ‘Out of stock threshold’ is the product quantity at which the out of stock messages will be displayed when ‘Display out of stock products’ is checked. This can be useful to help ensure that the store does not accidentally oversell a product. Note that although this should discourage most customers from attempting to purchase a product regardless of the stock status, if the value is higher than zero, and ‘Limit cart to quantity on hand’ is true, then a customer can still purchase the remaining product.
  • It may be beneficial to change the stock status messages. If you prefer a more positive message such as ‘On Backorder’ or ‘Currently Unavailable…Check Back Soon’, you can edit the messages in this page.
  • The remaining checkboxes in this section determine if the stock status messages display on the entity and product pages.

The last section of the Inventory Control page is specific to the MultiStore platform only, and concerns the Kit Product Inventory Control:

  • Checking the ‘Enable Stock Hints’ will display the stock status messages for the Kit Product components that are tied to variants, regardless of the other stock status message display settings. For admin users logged into the storefront, the actual inventory level is also displayed.
  • The feature ‘Limit cart to quantity on hand’ does not pertain to Kit Products with components tied to variant inventories, so it is necessary to set the ‘Disable Item Selection if out of stock’ if you wish to limit the kit items to quantities on hand. This will display the kit item that is out of stock, but it will not be selectable.
  • You can also choose to hide the out of stock Kit variant items by selecting the ‘Hide Out of Stock Item options’.

Inventory Kit control view (MultiStore only)


  • After making any changes to the Inventory Control page, remember to click the ‘Update’ button at the bottom or your changes will not be saved!
  • All of the settings on the Inventory Control page can also be found in the AppConfigs.
  • The messages can also be edited in the String Resources.
  • These settings are store-wide and cannot be modified for individual entities or products.
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7 Responses to Managing your Stock Options: Inventory Control in AspDotNetStorefront

  1. Valerie says:

    Is there any way to do this on an individual item basis? For example, if I have two items for sale: (1) a service where the inventory is zero, and (2) an item with a finite inventory. I would like to be able to sell item 1 if the inventory is zero, and disallow purchase of item 2 after the inventory is depleted. Are you saying this is not possible in aspdotnetstorefront? It seems like this would be a fairly common need.

    • Valerie says:

      It is also not possible to set the inventory of item 1 to 99999 because the store integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and this would mess up the accounting.

  2. What would be the settings if I wanted to allow backorders for my items?

  3. Thanks For Your valuable posting, it was very informative. Am working inErp Software Company In India

  4. Get the needed information that how you can easily use aspdotnetstorefront and place things to manage your stock in it.

  5. ashwin says:

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  6. I currently have setup a ASPDotNet Storefont Multi-shop and that i currently have no manner of doing any inventory management. ideally I would love so one can take the stock on my website and replace it with the present day stock of the distributor who components the objects we promote. i have attempted looking for applications however it would seem that none of them are capable of do what I want. I recognize I won’t be capable of fully automate this method but I would love so that it will have a modern inventory of gadgets.

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