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Answers to Your Update Rights Questions

Last week we announced our new policy on Update Rights.  Of course there have been a lot of questions about how it will all work, so I thought I’d answer a few of the questions I’ve heard most frequently from our customers.

1) Why should I buy Update Rights before September 19th?

Because no matter what version you are currently on, you will be able to upgrade to any later version within the next year at no extra cost.  Currently on 7 but considering a move to a single MultiStore?  You can pay the $299 now and know that whenever you’re ready, there will be no further licensing costs.   Are you on 7 and want to move to ML8? That’s fine too. As long as you purchase Update Rights before September 19th you are ensured a no-cost license upgrade to whatever edition works best for you.

After the 19th, if you decide to upgrade, you will need to pay full price for the latest version of MultiStore.

2) Is there a cost to update my license if I’m just moving to a new version (i.e to  and not to a new edition (i.e. from ML7 to ML8, or ML8 to MultiStore)?

We call these ‘in-version’ updates and they’ve always been available at no extra cost. We are happy to be able to say they will still be available at no extra cost, up to and including today’s version (MultiStore New releases from hereon will require Update Rights. So, before you decide that you don’t need to purchase Update Rights, remember that update rights last for a full year and cover any new releases that come out in that year. So, while you may only be considering an ‘in-version’ update right now, think about if you are sure you want to commit to living without the great improvements we’ll be coming out with over the course of the next year. For just $299, you can insure that you have the option of updating without paying full price for a license.

3) I invested heavily in custom work for my early-version software. Surely I am better just staying with what I’ve got?

The cost of development has reduced dramatically, year after year. And, if you’re wanting to get help with migrating custom changes over, then we have some really great development partners lined up. But first, we recommend looking at the new software with fresh eyes. Ask yourself “could I run a great online business with exactly this?” New versions are designed to improve merchants ability to do business online. It is possible that with a fresh perspective you find your custom development needs are much less with new software than they were before.

4) I have ML8. What do I stand to gain by updating to MultiStore?

What if you wanted to have four bricks and mortar stores. One on a high street, one in an airport, one in a university building and one in a tourist hub. Imagine sitting at your admin console, looking at your list of products, pointing one at a time and saying – “hmmm, I’ll sell that in the airport and that in the tourist town, but not at the university store as the students wont’ buy it. I’ll just map it to two stores”. OR imagine being able to throw up a Christmas store in November, then in January turn it into an eco-store, or an overseas store. You can easily map or re-map products, and reach all level of customers. With MS you can share the checkout, or not. You can have different payment gateways, different skins, different coupons. MultiStore gives you, the merchant, huge flexibility to manage your business with one store…or multiple stores.

MultiStore also brings sophisticated URL re-writing, .NET master pages, and hundreds of new WSI nodes.

5)  I have a version prior to ML8 right now. What do I gain by upgrading?

Some of the important features you’re missing out on are:

• Related products (relationships built dynamically by cart based on consumer behavior);
• Out of stock displays;
• Tabbed product displays;
• New payment gateways;
• ‘Recently viewed”;
• Alt Tags for SEO;
• 400% faster page load times;
• ASP.Net 3.5 supported (this is very important for finding a great hosting company).
• Oh, and a PCI compliant cart.

And if you think you already use everything we’ve built: In the next twelve months, your Update Rights are likely to make available to you a vast array of new options, built-in integrations, and enhanced features that may leave you wishing you could get them all for just $299.

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Posted in Company News, Product Updates & Releases | 5 Comments

5 Responses to Answers to Your Update Rights Questions

  1. A Customer says:

    New Update Rights policy that costs $299, that seems like perfect timing with 9.2. A coincidence, I don’t think so.

  2. Jeff Thorne says:

    I bought Version 8 less than and year and now it is discontinued. Hardly seems fair. Jo Benson and I discussed and she said I could go to Ver 9 anytime before the end of the year. But now it looks like I will have to pay $300 to upgrade. Is there any Facebook integration in the new version? Any Blogging integration? Any customer feedback system? Quite a few web store solutions offer these as built in packages. And they cost around $300 per year and host. Everybody has a PCI compliant shopping cable.

    • Jo Benson says:

      Coming from decades in the service industry, we at Vortx/AspDotNetStorefront take it to our hearts every single time we upset a customer. We agonize over it, and yet we are old and experienced enough to know that we simply won’t ever please all of the people, not even part of the time. Jeff asks if we are embedding Facebook and Blogging and Social items . . . and I can hear immediately the pressure we would come under from our marketplace vendors if we trampled all over them to take something they already offer and just remove their market. A few people, like Jeff, are resistant to paying for updates – while others wondered why, previously, they had to pay full price to jump editions and wished that we would bring out a maintenance scheme. We are trying, earnestly, to consistently improve the product, improve support, manage costs and build for the future. Hard work, but we happen to think you’re all worth it.

    • Jeff Thorne says:

      Thank you for your response. I purchased the upgrade rights and will be upgrading soon. I did not realize my message would be published, or I probably would not have written anything. Sorry for any issues I may have created. Thanks Jeff

  3. Anon says:

    How does this affect PCI compliance. It’s my understanding that V9/MS whatever is not yet certified and it is not on the list of approved platforms. So what you’re telling me is that now if I want to purchase ASPDNSF I have to go with a non-PCI compliant version. Why would I do that?

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