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Savvy Merchant Challenge Round 3 – ShopJoya

Give us your best suggestion and you could win an iPad.

Today’s Hot Seat Merchant: ShopJoya.com
Click here to open the Hot Seat Product Page in a new window.

We are giving away an iPad twice a week. Play along every Monday and Thursday for more chances to win.

How to Play:

  1. Take a look at the featured page.
  2. Think about what would make you more likely to purchase from this page.
  3. Submit your best suggestion as a comment at the bottom of this post.
  4. Take a look at what others are saying and feel free to discuss.

Picture this: you were just told that your first grandaughter is making her way into this world in less than nine months and everyone knows that you are the quilter of all quilters. How are you going to finish your work of art in time without an open toe free motion spring foot extension for your Husqvarna Viking sewing machine?!

You have just landed on the page and what do you see? Are you immediatley engaged?

Submit your ONE BEST suggestion using the comments below. If the Hot Seat Merchant thinks it’s the best, you’ll win an iPad!

This challenge ends Tuesday, April 24th at 5 PM (PST).

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Posted in Contests, The Challenges | 58 Comments

58 Responses to Savvy Merchant Challenge Round 3 – ShopJoya

  1. Jordan says:

    You should click your ADD TO CART logic!

    I clicked the ADD TO CART button, and was rewarded with a slick animation of the product image zooming into my cart. Great!

    However, the header text remained BASKET – 0 Items

    Even when I dropped down the mini-cart, no items appeared.

    Once I clicked the BASKET link to actually view my cart, the item I added appeared in the list.

    This doesn’t make for a very good shopping experience, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you suffered cart abandonment due to this issue.

  2. AlecB says:

    Looks like you were bit by the bad search bug!

    The search term:

    viking spring foot

    shows no results using your on-site search page. This actually makes your search a liability to your business… having no search tool would be bad, but having false negatives tells the shopper to not even bother looking because you don’t have the product!

    I’d recommend getting a handle on your search problem. It improves bounce rates and is a must for anyone trying to do business online.

  3. Randi Tingle says:

    I’d suggest moving the Email a Friend, FB LIKE, Twitter, Share, etc. social links somewhere less important. The ADD TO CART button should feature predominately in that area, and the other calls-to-action just distract from the main event. The ADD TO CART button should be 2 or 3 times it’s current size, and by moving (or even getting rid of, who uses them anyhow) the social buttons, you’d have plenty of room.

  4. Twyla says:

    I’m not sure what’s happening with your navigation system

    I see from the featured page that I’m in “Sewing Machine Accessories,” but once I navigate away, it becomes really unclear how I’d get back to that category. There is no standard site navigation (either a side-menu tree, or header-area main menus). Just NEW or POPULAR products.

    The only way to get back to the top-level category navigation appears to go back to your home page and then drill into the sub-category from there.

    I’d recommend some way to access these top-level categories from all pages (except maybe the checkout pipeline).

  5. fooster says:

    I would consider moving the section 3 sidebar from the right to below the fold across the bottom this would allow you to bring up your descriptive content ( which needs splitting into sales descriptive content and specification type content in a tab control) higher up on the page and allow you to prioritise your add to cart button a little more. You don’t want to distract your visitors with related products straight away and I would like something to read ( ie the description) to keep me engaged with the page.

    That would be my first priority.

  6. I would move the Related Products information from the right column to a tab right next to “Full Description”. Many of us are so trained to ignore adds in the right column, that I’m afraid this vital information will be missed. Customers are much more accustomed to seeing this info under the product image and info.

  7. pRoy says:

    Get rid of the scrolling bar in the description.
    Having two scrolling bars one for the browser and one inside the page is confusing for some users.

  8. Kendra Kuhlman says:

    I would suggest to use your SIDEBAR as a means of selling more products to your customers. You could have listed what brands you sell, categories you offer, or allow people to filter through your site in this area. You could move the related products from the SIDEBAR to the BODY area in a tab under the description. As a sidenote, I prefr the SIDEBAR on the left side instead of right (if you would use my suggestion).

  9. Gus says:

    Give the customer an indication of when that particular product ships – e.g. “Ships Same Day!”.You have plenty of room, expand the description so that a vertical scroll bar does not appear, users hate scrolling. Gus

  10. Abdul says:

    1-0n clicking Add to cart button there is still 0 items in cart at top

    1- 0n clicking Add to Wishlist button there need to be some popup that list the wishlist items instead redirecting to page.
    2- There should be some jQuery plugin to view images/thumbnails instead a html pop for view larger image.
    3- At the bottom of Full Description there need to be related or suggested products, instead in sidebar (this will overcome the scrolling at some how)
    4- In Cart at top its better to display Total Amount as well besides Item count

  11. Sheri says:

    I would eliminate the graphic of the item being transported to the cart. While it is novel, it didn’t really serve any purpose and added to the confusion of my cart showing 0 items. Even clicking on the mini-cart and back out didn’t refresh the item count. By the time I clicked through to the actual cart to review the contents, I had many more items in it than would be reasonably required. For the average consumer of this type of product, it’s probably better to have a properly functioning, straightforward cart that registers the contents immediately and accurately.

  12. Ken Gharibia says:

    The one thing I would change is to say “On Sale” instead of “Price” (it gets more attention).
    I personally don’t like the add to cart and add to wishlist buttons to have the same attention on a product the page. I would make the add to cart more prominent and add to wishlist less prominent, unless of course you have researched your customer base and see a need for keeping it that way. No scrolling in the description below. Left side information to be moved to the bottom or to a tab.

  13. I recommend making the “Add to Wishlist” button smaller and/or a different color so as not to confuse those who are trying to find and click the “Add to Cart” button. By the way, your site is simple, clean and easy to navigate. I like it, but I hope my wife doesn’t find it! ;)

  14. Scott Squire says:

    Making your “Add to Cart” button the same blue as in your logo would draw the eye and help the button stand out next to the wishlist button. I like the site, very clean. Nice in-stock message on the product page.

  15. 1)i would change the top navigation header to product categories. Just looking at product page, i have no idea what you do. So having product categories will make it clearer
    2)the add to cart and add to wishlist are the same color and size. Obviously the add to cart is more important so you should make that a different color and bigger.
    3)The product title color should be bolder, its easy to miss it
    4)the free shipping is lost right at the top. you should put it closer to the top nav. maybe on the same bar as the search.
    5)in stock waiting for you is too small. Maybe make it bigger. IN STOCK.

  16. Casey says:

    Fix the “Upfront Merchant” gizmo, when you click on it a page full of code is displayed…

    \\n Joya Distributing, Inc. – ShopJoya.com \\n \\n
    Like us on Facebook-receive a $5 Coupon

  17. Casey says:

    Fix the “Upfront Merchant” gizmo, when you click it a window/page full of code is displayed

    \\n Joya Distributing, Inc. – ShopJoya.com \\n \\n
    Like us on Facebook-receive a $5 Coupon

  18. Lee Newell says:

    Your FAQ pages states ‘inquire about the availability of instructional videos, supplemental workbooks’ if these are available add videos and links to workbooks in product pages.

    These will give the customer more information on the product they are buying and greatly increase the chances of the customer buying.

  19. Rob says:

    Move the trusted merchant logos in Section 3 out of the way.. to the footer. They drew my attention away from the buy button.

  20. Andrew Bornand says:

    It would be easier to visually identify the product if you used one large image (the illustrations are very nice) and provided alternate views to show the other images. The alternate views could cycle through automatically, but you would want test that to see how it looks. In short, make the product the hero with a larger image.

  21. Rick Vaughan says:

    My initial reaction as I landed on the page was confusion with the product image. After studying the product, i really like the image, but I think it should be an alternate image, not the primary image. Why? Because the current image shows the product 4 different times. Pixel space is limited, so by having 4 images of the same product crammed into a 250 x 250 space makes each picture very small. I would have a single image of the product that is larger that catches the eye. This way, more detail can be seen as soon as you land on the page.

    As I tried to navigate the site, I ran into a bigger problem. When I clicked on the logo/home button, I got a “server not found” error. I then opened a new tab and typed in http://www.shopjoya.com and received the same error. I was using Firefox at the time. I clicked on the link provided in this post and it redisplayed the landing page just fine. Hopefully, this was just a hosting issue at the time I was navigating and not a permanent condition.

  22. Scott Shulman says:

    Although all the recommendations posted [previously] are correct I believe, from purely a UI perspective, the upsell items are distracting from the core product being displayed. I’d suggest using tabs to have the specifics selectable if desired, and the graphic should be much larger and “in your face”. Additionally for something like a sewing machine, a video playing showing it in action would be much more visually stimulating.

    if I then needed to see what models it supports, i would click on “specifications”.

    And lastly, the item’s description should be much more descriptive and informative including some “quotes from a user” touting it’s convenience. It doesnt convey a sense of credibility when generic copy is used.

    it doesnt pop, yet the rest of the page seems to shout distracting away from the product that was the primary reason i’m on this page.

    very simple thoughts, but definitely my first impressions.

  23. Casey says:

    I would recommend a lightbox plugin for the photo popup. I find the alternate window to be annoying, and lightbox makes it feel more interactive. As well, I recommend changing the color of your add to cart button. A nice bright orange would really set it off from the other elements in the page. The site starts to appear very monochromatic due to all the green. Making the cart button orange will highlight the most important part of the page..”where to buy it.” Its for this reason my eye goes immediately to the “Share” button. I would also be consistent with A) your security seal placement, and B) your social media elements. Some of your merchant seals are in the footer, some are on the sidebar. Your add this plugin styles your social media one way, while your footer social media links have a different style. I find having your social media buttons in 3 places to be overkill. It adds more elements to your page, but for no reason. I would drop them on the footer, or at least use the same style for them as in the header.

  24. Vijay says:

    The sidebar (section 3) is quite distracting. I looked at a handful of products on the site, none of the items I looked at actually had “related items” however, the text “related items” still appears.

    The credit card logos are something that can go in either the header or footer, but not in the side bar. Same thing with the verisign logo. The PayPal logo is very confusing. This is the wrong PayPal logo. This button means….if I click here I’m ordering this and paying for it right now. This is the PayPal button for a checkout page.

    If there aren’t related items the text “related items” should not be shown. Perhaps you can use one of the other features for related items built in storefront. For example…. customers who viewed this item also viewed these….
    This way you aren’t needing to spend a lot of time mapping related items. Another option might be to have some logic written to automatically map related items based on similarities in product titles or categories, etc….

  25. Rick Garber says:

    For the actual subject page, I’d go with a large close-up of the object being sold. Use the one that’s in the collage in the upper-left. With regard to selling parts, the prospective customer will decide in far too few seconds whether this is the item she’s been looking for. A single picture is easier to understand than a collage. (Ditto to all above who suggest moving the description up a bit.)

    Later on in the purchase process is where you’re loosing online-shopping-savvy customers; when I got to the page where I was supposed to enter my CC number, it wasn’t https:// but rather http:// That always sends me away.

  26. Nyk King says:

    - The main image should definitely be larger and more clear. I would remove the graphic version as well
    -I would highlight more of the savings, the strikethrow MSRP price & Price isn’t properly displayed. I would add it into the image photo because that will occupy most of the eye traffic.
    -I would also move the verisign trust/paypal/cc’s. Having them on the same level as the product and price with the vibrant colors they attract a lot of attention. Seems as though those would be better suited during the checkout pages.

  27. keziah says:

    you have a pretty easy to shop from product page. the addition of more tabs below to break out “description” from “compatibility specs”, and maybe add one for “reviews” would be better use of the space and provide more info to help convert a shopper. also, adding results of similar items shoppers have viewed would lend to comparison shopping within your own site.

    the security and payment info in top right bar are helpful – but could be consolidated to not take up so much space, and allow better visibility of your x-sell items.
    good luck!

  28. Candace Kahn says:

    I think the most meaningful change to this page would be a navigation bar that would indicate to the customer landing on this page from an outside Google type search what you sell. To learn that now, I have to figure out that I need to click to the home page. As a consumer I would start with the boxes at the top and get frustrated and possibly leave. Solution: I would consolidate some of your categories into main headings and have a drop down boxes for the various categories you show on your home page. Doing this will also give you some more real estate on your home page since you will not need to have the categories running down the left side of the page.

    For example:
    Embroidery Sewing Quilting
    Embroidery Software Sewing Machines Quilting Patterns
    Embroidery Designs Sergers Quilting Software
    etc Sewing Furniture etc

  29. If you could create multiple tabs beyond just “Full Description”, the copy might flow better. I might add a tab for “Works With” and break that copy into a second tab. The tabs could also be used for promotional info such as “Why buy from ShopJoya” or talk about your shipping promo. It’s just some great unused real estate that’s so centrally located and effective.

  30. Brad says:

    While I like the add to cart “snazzy” visual, after I clicked the add to cart button, my cart still shows “0 Items”. So it looks like it is empty.

    Also, there is the paypal checkout button on the right, which is not functional. I am assuming that this was meant to be a statement of the fact that you accept paypal and not the actual checkout button, but from a UX perpective, the rightmost button ALWAYS wins. I think it should be a button that says “PayPal accepted” and not “Checkout with PayPal”.

    I also checked the check box for a “related item”, where it says add to cart, but nothing happened. I then tried to add the main item to my cart, thinking it would add both, but nothing happened. Picture still went to the minicart, but still stuck at “0 Items”.

    I see no need for the scroll bars in the product description. It just an additional layer of unnecessary scrolling.

  31. One of the best ways to sell a product is to get it in front of someone. But once they see it they will want to know if this is:

    1. the best deal they can find (You have MSRP crossed out, so promote that it is on sale). And even though the product is on sale I know I can get it for a better deal because you have a coupon code box on check out. SO now I have to go search for a coupon for your site.
    2. whether this product is a good one and the one they want (reviews prove this from customers that have used it)
    3. whether or not the store can be trusted (BBB and other logos, you do have one logo).

    Reviews from other customers go a very long way in selling the product. Having a user rating on the product will also help new customers decide that this is the pace to buy the product.

    You look like you have a Tabbed window for the description. Are there any other technical specs you can share? And then minimize the summary enough so that it all fits in the first view? You need to have all that you want to say in less than 30secs so that the customer will be able to quickly determine if this is the piece that will go with their product. Otherwise the customer will bounce on the page.

    One last note. How do you checkout if I don’t want to use PayPal? I understand that if I go looking for a way to check out I can find it under the drop down mini cart. But once I have added the product I don’t see a nice quick way to checkout. You can skip the step of looking at the cart then going to the smartcart which shows you the same thing in the right panel (and by pass the area for that coupon issue).

  32. Brad says:

    I guess I failed in the reading comprehension portion of this test :)

    I was supposed to leave ONE suggestion, but left several.

    Let me try this again.

    I would remove the paypal checkout button from the section 3 sidebar and use their highly contrasting color for your checkout button.

  33. Mike Bradon says:

    In my opinion I would have the Related Products below the body.

    And with the side bar I would have it show whats currently in the cart, and move your pay-pal logos along with the verified and trusted logos and payment types to the footer.

    I would even change the view larger images to zoomify.

  34. Bruce Brown says:

    I suspect the quote about the target customer being the “quilter of all quilters”, with a “granddaughter on the way”, is pretty descriptive of your target demographic.
    That being the case, I’d change the image to something showing the results of using the product – like a cute baby, held in Grandma’s arms, wrapped in a quilted blanket with some amazing embroidery and a tag line on the bottom of the image, like “Extraordinary People Deserve Extraordinary Embroidery”. Images of the actual product can be photoshop’ed into it. Something like sample, but with the blanket more visible and appropriate embroidery. And, of course, a licensed image. :)

  35. Bruce Brown says:

    I suspect the quote about the target customer being the “quilter of all quilters”, with a “granddaughter on the way”, is pretty descriptive of your target demographic.
    That being the case, I’d change the image to something showing the results of using the product – like a cute baby, held in Grandma’s arms, wrapped in a quilted blanket with some amazing embroidery and a tag line on the bottom of the image, like “Extraordinary People Deserve Extraordinary Embroidery”. Images of the actual product can be photoshop’ed into it. Something like sample, but with the blanket more visible and appropriate embroidery. And, of course, a licensed image. :)

  36. Alkis Spyrou says:

    The drop-downs should fall once you hover the cursor, rather than having to click on the banner for the drop-down to come down.

  37. Rohit Jadhav says:

    There should be Product Review in which The category should be like Price,Quality ,etc.
    Basically Rating for the product in mentioned sections

  38. BFG 9000 says:

    The image is too small – try having multiple images – something like <a href="http://i.imgur.com/kmQGT.png"this.



  39. Fernando Santos says:

    I would do the following:
    1 – Use a jquery slider to display not just the product picture but specially work done with the sewing machine. I would show several pictures displaying what is possible to achieve. Beatiful pictures that would have to appeal to the tipical buyers.
    2 – I would get rid of the scroll bar on the product description and would embed code to show a video of someone using the machine, giving a testimonial.
    3 – Clearly the “Buy Now” buttom should be on a complementary color to the green theme. I would use red.
    Apart from that, all the other sugestions of bug fixes, etc should be taken care of :)

  40. Rohit Jadhav says:

    The Full Description section should be separated in model, color, popularity.

  41. Neha D says:

    Remove the payment options “Visa/Master Card and PayPal” from the right hand side bar and add the Social Media icons there for FaceBook and Twitter giving people an incentive to follow you for new product details and great offers

  42. Mike Cat says:

    I would highlight free shipping by displaying an icon in the body (next to the item price or the ‘add to’ buttons) that changes either style or color (empty to filled check-box, red to green, etc) when you have enough in your cart to qualify for free shipping and is dynamic across the site. That way, you don’t have to keep going to your cart to see if you qualify for free shipping yet.

  43. Thaddeus Badowski says:

    What a waste of time entering a comment.

    Spend 10 minutes writing a comment, then hit post comment, and get a “WordPress error” that I failed to enter the “CAPTCHA”

    1. The “Captcha” is not identified as such-
    2. The “Please Complete the Equation” is not identified as a “REQUIRED FIELD”
    3. The error message comes up on a blank page, and the entered comment is gone. Hitting back button returns to the blank form.

    It’s ironic to critique the critique form, …

    • Tammy says:

      Sorry about that, I didn’t realize the CAPTCHA was causing problems. I’ll see what I can do to make that more intuitive.

  44. Anne Benson says:

    I would have the navigation be consistent – either on the left or the right, not appearing and disappearing depending on what page you are on. Also, check your site for grammatical errors, the Viking Foot description says This is a must have foot for all quilter’s. Should be quilters, no need to show possession… says the grammar police…

  45. Susanne Reisch says:

    As a quilter I can say the information on the page is complete for someone shopping for a free motion foot. However, at first glance the page is not very colorful. Quilters THRIVE on color. My suggestion would be to add a colorful quilted item underneath the free motion foot. That’ll grab the attention of a quilter ready to buy.

  46. Tammy says:

    Thanks everyone! This challenge is closed to new entries. Come back Thursday to see who won and to join the next challenge!

  47. Max Lopez says:

    The colors (green-ish) is not very calming on the eyes. My first thought when I opened the site was “ewww”. I am also very opposed to scrolling bar within the browser. Either shorten the information so that it is contained on one screen, or change the format to eliminate the need for another scroll bar. Do not add a second page as people are less likely to follow another path and might lose interest and you’ve lost a customer.

  48. Tammy says:

    Congratulations to Brent Iverson, winner of this challenge! Here’s what the merchants at ShopJoya said:

    “We definitely found the Savvy Merchant Challenge very informative with lots of excellent feedback. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to submit our page.

    Upon some heavy deliberation, we decided that Brent Iverson is the winner. We really liked his suggestion of eliminating the Shopping Cart page before proceeding to checkout. It would make the checkout process that much quicker.

    Thank you again for this valuable opportunity.”

    • Fernando Santos says:

      Just remember that you need to have your customers engaged first, otherwise they won’t even add the product to the cart, much less try to check out. Anyway, congrats to the lucky winner!

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