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6 Great Ways to Use a MoreStore

Have you ever heard the one about what happens when you try to chase two rabbits? They both get away. Well, online shoppers seem to be proliferating like rabbits, and yet many webstore owners are struggling to capture traffic for their website and struggling to make enough sales.

It is a common mistake, in the face of dwindling traffic and sales, to try selling a wider range of products, or to try chasing several different target markets. An apparel seller may think, for example, that by adding jewelry to their clothing site, they’ll appeal to both people looking for clothes AND people looking for jewelry and thereby double their audience and double their chances of getting a sale.

This is just like chasing two rabbits. It results in a site with a less focused message that is even less compelling to both audiences.

No one is going to dispute that catching two rabbits is better than catching just one. But if you are going to catch both, you need two hunters each focused on one specific rabbit.

AspDotNetStorefront gives you that ability to pursue multiple, profitable target markets at the same time by giving you ‘MoreStores.’ You can create a new version of your store that is designed to ‘chase’ a specific target market, and it is like having two hunters instead of one.

You can actually chase far more than just two kinds of customers with MoreStores. In fact, here are 6 great ways to effectively use a MoreStores to chase down a new opportunity – a new audience – and more sales:

Go Global
Create different stores for different countries so shoppers feel at home. You can take advantage of languages and currencies (though you need to have a single default for all stores). Carry products popular to specific nationalities. If I look at my analytics, are there visitors from other countries?

Capitalize on a Brand
Segment your products into brands and devote an entire store to one specific brand, to capture brand-loyal shoppers. Is there a particular brand that has more recognition or has better advertising support?

Leverage a Supplier
Be able to buy larger quantities or a wider variety of products from a favorite supplier and then open up a new store to sell from.

Hone in on a New Niche Audience
Take a product that you normally sell to a particular group of people and see if it can be used by a different group for a different purpose. Focus very specifically on a certain product usage or certain type of buyer.

Test a New Market or Product
Separate out a particular new product or find a new audience to sell to and put up a store just for that. You can play with just that one store without affecting your main store. Is there a certain group of people who aren’t currently buying my products but could use them also?

Seasonal Sites
Set up a Christmas store or a Halloween store or a Valentine’s Day store, etc. Segment your products into which ones would be popular at those times of the year. Is there a time of year that my products are more popular and sales are higher?

Take a look at some of the real, live MoreStores that our AspDotNetStorefront users have created in this MoreStore Gallery. Get your creative juices flowing. How can you double your chances?

Speaking of doubling your chances, when you create a MoreStore between now and August 14th, you can enter our MoreStore Contest and get a chance to win $3,000! Click below.

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