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List of Challenge Winners

Savvy Merchant Challenge Round 1 – LittleSupply.com

Brian Gustwiller
Suggestion: “For a product page, the sidebar is over whelming and distracting. I would move these banners to the left or bottom and give more weight to the “add to cart” options. These were below the fold on my monitor. I’m using Firefox 11 and when “add to cart” was selected there was no visual que that something was added other than the qty. () changing in the mini-cart.  Overall, the page just seems very busy. Keep it Simple.”

What LittleSupply’s Ryan McGee had to say about the Challenge and why he picked Brian’s suggestion:  “WOW…… this is amazing! I have to commend AspDotNetStorefront for all of the time and hard work they put into starting this contest. Great job guys, we greatly appreciate it!! We read each and every response and took an internal vote to see who had the best comment, while trying to stay within the rules of the contest. Everyone had GREAT ideas and we appreciate every single comment we received. We’re going to take every one into consideration in the coming weeks as we make numerous changes.

In the end we chose Brian Gustwiller’s response, it abides by the rules of the contest, for the most part, and Brian realized that we may have a need to keep the, highly commented on, advertisements on our site. Brian’s suggestion to move the ads to the bottom of the webpage is helpful, because it allows us to keep fresh content on our product pages while minimizing the distraction to the consumer. Some of our customers visit these product pages day after day and it’s nice to be able to update our product pages with new content, so that our customers know that there are actual people behind the website. A Big THANK YOU to everyone for your suggestions, we will be taking every one into consideration and making many changes to our site. THANK YOU ALL! “

Savvy Merchant Challenge Round 2 – BloomingBulb.com

Michael Randerson
Suggestion: “When I review ecommerce websites, I always put myself in the eye of a customer, and not a designer. It really all comes down to usability. If your site is very usable, it can have a terrible design but people will still buy from it. And your site is quite usable.

As a potential customer the only query on this page to me would be the quantity and pricing. My first thought when I come to the page is what happens if I want to buy 30? You list prices and have a quantity box to enter a quantity, so I know I can enter my own value. Then if I put in 30 as a quantity and add to cart I get a warning box that it is only sold in multiples of 25 and then it automatically changes my quantity and takes me to the shopping cart. This is bad – by taking me straight to the check out you are making a decision for me.

The easy solution which will improve the usability of this: simply state before the prices that it is only sold in quantities of 25. Then if someone enters a different number (say 30) your warning box should say something like “this only comes in multiples of 25, please update your quantity” and it should take them back to the page, not to the shopping cart.

It’s a small thing but quite a big thing! You will be adding important information to the page and making the site more usable and not forcing a decision on the customer. ”

What BloomingBulb’s Scott Squire had to say about the Challenge and why he picked Michael‘s suggestion:  “Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on our product page! And thank you to AspDotNetStorefront for giving us the opportunity to gather so many useful ideas for our site. We were surprised to get so many suggestions and it was tough to choose a winner from so many great submissions.

One comment stood out the most to everyone here and that was Michael Randerson’s suggestion to make our product package quantities more clear to the customer and not redirecting them into the shopping cart when they choose an invalid quantity. Congratulations Michael!

BloomingBulb is going through a site redesign this summer so while we could only choose one winner, many of your suggestions are being considered for the new site. Thank you again to everyone who made comments!”

Savvy Merchant Challenge Round 3 – ShopJoya.com

Brent Iverson
Suggestion: “One last note. How do you checkout if I don’t want to use PayPal? I understand that if I go looking for a way to check out I can find it under the drop down mini cart. But once I have added the product I don’t see a nice quick way to checkout. You can skip the step of looking at the cart then going to the smartcart which shows you the same thing in the right panel (and by pass the area for that coupon issue). ”

What ShopJoya’s merchants had to say about the Challenge and why thhe picked Brent‘s suggestion: “We definitely found the Savvy Merchant Challenge very informative with lots of excellent feedback. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to submit our page.

Upon some heavy deliberation, we decided that Brent Iverson is the winner. We really liked his suggestion of eliminating the Shopping Cart page before proceeding to checkout. It would make the checkout process that much quicker.

Thank you again for this valuable opportunity.”

Savvy Merchant Challenge Round 4 – safetylightsandsignals.com

Annette Fowler
Suggestion: “If you have the photography available to you, it is pretty easy to set up AspDotNetstorefront so that as the customer selects a color from the drop down list of options, the corresponding color image is displayed in the product window (http://manual.aspdotnetstorefront.com/p-963-swatch-images.aspx). I think it would be nice to see a nice big image of the red light as I’m selecting “red” from the drop down menu, so I’m sure I’m getting the right product.”

Savvy Merchant Challenge Round 5 – portlandcompressor.com

Hayley Deacon
Suggestion: “Upon clicking add to cart I initial didn’t realize that the product had been successfully added. A bold confirmation notice that the product has been successfully added will enhance the user’s experience. The item does appear in the shopping cart on the left hand side however this blends in with the navigation menus and would be more visible on the right hand side of the page. ”

What Casey from Portland Compressor had to say about the Challenge and why thhe picked Hayley‘s suggestion: “Soooo many excellent suggestions! It was very hard to choose a single winner amongst so many great ideas.

When you see the same cart everyday one becomes “snow-blind”. Thanks to AspDotNetStorefront and everyone who commented we are now able to see, through your eyes, what we have been missing.

After much review and consideration and also keeping with the “ONE BEST suggestion” rule, Portland Compressor has chosen….. Hayley Deacon!
Hayley’s suggestion to give a confirmation that an item was successfully added to the cart solves a problem we didn’t even know existed. Good call, thank you Hayley!

We recently (after the conference in Ashland) changed our store to stay on the product page when adding an item to the cart and never thought any more about it.

We will implement many/most of the suggestions and are already working towards them.

Thank you to all who participated! Thank you AspDotNetStorefront for The Savvy Merchant Challenge, for allowing us to be in the hot-seat and a special thank you to Jo. We have learned so much and hope to learn more.”



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