The Power of Promotions

Five powerful ways to engage customers and increase sales with promotions

Offering discounts to your visitors is a great way to entice a conversion. There are numerous possible combinations that can help you determine what you discount, how you discount and how you promote your discounts so that they are seen by your target audience.

Imagine having the luxury to set up virtually any offer thinkable for your customers.  Selecting a simple BOGO (Buy One Get One Free), or a more detailed requirement, such as providing a customer who recently purchased a particular product 3 to 6 months ago, to automatically receive 10% off an additional product in your store some time later, are all great ways to re-engage customers and increase customer life time value (LTV).

Here are five simple, yet powerful, ways to engage customers and encourage purchasing behavior.  And, with the new Promotion Engine in AspDotNetStorefront MSx 9.3, all of these are now possible and easy to implement.

Who doesn’t like to feel like they’re getting something special? BOGO is a classic fallback promo which merchants are fond of offering and customers are keen to take advantage of.  There are many ways of offering such a deal to customers, and even more ways of getting that message to them.

Let’s explore.

Let’s say, that by purchasing a specified minimum of a particular product, the customer will receive a specified $ or % discount off of an additional specified product (this could be more of the same product, a related product, or one that you would like to receive some attention – perhaps a new product you’re excited about sharing with the world).

A few real-world examples:

  • Buy any three items from this category and receive one product
    of the same brand at 50% off
  • Buy this pair of jeans and receive this pair of socks free
  • Buy any two products in the store and get $1.00 off any one
    product in the store
  • Buy $25 in the tools department and receive 10% off a tool belt


Brand, Category or Product %- or $- off Discount
A temporary markdown on specific brands, categories and/or products is another great way to promote more spending on your site. Sales of this nature are great to send to your entire email distribution list or promote directly right on your site, with banners and ads.


  • All Hanes brand t-shirts are 30% off through midnight
  • Buy any pair of jeans and save 20%


Order History based discounts
Get this discount because you purchased another item some time ago.

This is a great promotion to offer your existing customer base, giving them incentive to return to your site and purchase again (also a great time to ask them to leave a review on the product(s) they purchased on previous visit(s).

An example to explore:

A customer has purchased a particular brand and model coffee maker (which came with 100 bamboo filters) 3 to 6 months ago – and now, based on their order history they will automatically receive 10% off any of the compatible filters in your store, but 15% off the bamboo filters.


Gift with Purchase
Customers love a free gift! It goes without saying that the “Gift with Purchase” promotion goes a long way.  Merchants may choose to make their free gift offering simple and basic, like:

  • Spend $50 on our site and this key chain is our gift to you,
    absolutely free.

Or perhaps you’d like to make it a better gift and with just a few more hooks, such as:

  • Buy five items from the Kitchen Accessories Category, plus spend $100 in the Small Appliances Department and get any apron over $29.99 for free.


Free Shipping
Perhaps this promo is the best starter promo merchants have in their toolkit- Free Shipping makes customers feel special because they aren’t left to wonder how much shipping is going to cost them while they shop. The savvy merchant will need to make sure shipping costs can be covered, of course, before making this great offer by ensuring their profit margin can handle such a promo. They may choose to only offer free shipping for certain products in their catalog, or perhaps offer shipping only after a specified cart total is reached. Whichever way you do it, your customers will love to load up their carts and spend, spend, spend when they know shipping is free!

Here are a few examples:

  • Free shipping on all orders of any amount
  • Free shipping on all shoes and handbags


Go the Extra Mile
The promotion options with MSx 9.3 are nearly endless. But you can take it even further by tying a creative, targeted discount, to deeper intelligence about your customers.

Take that BOGO for example and imagine that now you can automatically email that offer to your best customers who purchase frequently and spend the most per purchase of all your customers. Or, imagine you could offer a specific product discount to customers that you know used to spend money on that product in your store, but have not done so in over six months.  With partner services like Windsor Circle or Listrak, you can combine creative promotions with deeper intelligence to create powerful email campaigns.

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Posted in Coupons & Promotions, Product Updates & Releases | 6 Comments

6 Responses to The Power of Promotions

  1. Victor Yameen says:

    How can I create Buy 1, Get 1 type offers? I don’t see a straight forward way of doing it in the panel.
    Any help is appreciated!

  2. Mia says:

    Hi Victor,
    So long as you’re on version 9.3 or greater, setting up a Buy 1 Get 1 offer takes the following steps:

    Navigate to Configuration–> Pricing and Promotions –> Promotions
    (note, if you do not see “Promotions” and instead “Coupons” you are on an older version, and cannot set up a buy 1 get 1 offer)

    Click “Add a New Promo”
    Give your promo a Title, Promo Code and any descriptions and alerts that apply.
    Priority should be set to 0 (zero) if you would like this offer to be used alongside other offers.
    You can also opt to Auto Apply the promo, that way when the right product is in the customer’s cart, they won’t have to manually enter a code – the promo will be given to them atuomatically.

    Next, in the “Set Promo Discount” section, choose Gift With Purchase.
    search on your product set by product name and select product(s) that will be free with the purchase.
    Set the Discount Percentage to 100%
    Indicate if the customer should get one free item with the order or per product they order.

    Then, expand the “Select Promo Requirements” section
    Check “Enable Product Requirement” and search on your product set by name to indicate the product(s) which must be in the customer’s shopping cart for this promo to apply…

    That’s pretty much it! Test is, to be sure it does what you wanted it to do.

    You can also set other promo requirement or limits, such as start and end date, maximum number of uses, cart minimum, or even things like how much the customer has spent on the site in the past.

    Feel the Power of Promotions!


  3. Dean says:

    Works great! Is it possible to allow the customer to choose their own free product from a list?

  4. bruno99 says:

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  5. Page says:

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  6. renush says:

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