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SoupsOnline & DipHQ

Please rate the site below based on how well it makes use of a MoreStore. The MoreStore in the gallery with the highest average rating at the end of the contest will be the winner.

Food E Concepts, Inc.

MoreStore Strategy: On our flagship store, SoupsOnline.com, many of our soup vendors also offered great selections of dip and cheese ball mixes. We began to add these items as a side category on the site and ultimately ended up with more than 250 items for the category. The success of these items prompted us to decide to add a site devoted to the category. MoreStore made this process incredibly simple.

In addition to SoupsOnline.com and DipHQ.com, we also operate SalsaExpress.com, MonthClubStore.com and foodEwholesale.com on one instance of Multistore.

If I had to pick the two biggest benefits for us, the first would be inventory control. We have 1,000′s of items that we sell on four different websites with some items being sold on all four sites. Keeping track of inventory is a huge benefit to this platform.

The second major benefit is marketing. We have many items in the dip category that we are selling on three different websites. It is not unusual for us to have multiple impressions on a search engine results page – both paid and organic. In some cases, we appear 6 or more times on a search result with a combination of paid, organic and shopping.

Built by: In-house Developers 

Main store: SoupsOnline.com MoreStore: DipsHQ
Rate: Soups Online & DipsHQ, 5.7 out of 10 based on 622 ratings
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9 Responses to Rate: Soups Online & DipsHQ

  1. Brandon Ray says:

    What a great company! This company is filled with some of the most kind hearted people I have ever talked to in my entire life. The customer service over the phone, via email, to just basic set up of the website always makes things simple and easy for just about any customer. The quality and even better variety of the products is always great for just about any gift idea out there, including yourself. I personally have recomended all 4 websites to different friends and family members and most of them have then recomended it to their own freinds and families. If you want to know how good the company the story is here is quick little story: I once was sitting at a new job of mine and because I was new I was sitting very quietly not talking to anyone jsut working away. Well once I ran out of things to do I started to listen to the people around me talk. There was a young man about to get married to a young women and he wanted to get his golf and Beef Jerky loving soon to be Father law a unique gift. Now me knowing this website so well I was just about to turn and make my introduction to the conversation with this awesome recomendation but before I could, two other people beat me two it and suggest the websites run at this fantastic company. Makes me realize how great they must be to not only me but every customer they deal with. 10/10 everyday of the week! Thanks Soupsonline.com and Monthclubstore.com!!!!!!!!

  2. Christine F McElwain says:

    This is an absolutely great company. Great soups with robust or gentle flavors – Great for any occasion. The people are wonderful. My only problem was I tried to vote for them, but never found the 10 stars I could award them or where to cast my vote. I hope you win.

  3. joan jankowski says:

    Great company. Soups I ordered are great tasting. First time I ever tried and am sold on the
    taste of the products, and the speedy delivery of my order. I would recommend On Line to
    anyone who enjoys soups. Its terrific.

  4. Lynn Cartwright says:

    My experience with Soupsonline when making a first purchase went fine, but the second order was a complete disaster! Their shipping manager Dan Koehler reacted with such venom I was shocked! In an email I had explained my order never arrived to which he said it was sent to the post office where we do not receive mail delivery in our rural location. Being disabled I cannot get to the post office to pick up deliveries. I explained my previous order was sent via UPS so I’d expected same for my second order of the same product in exact quantity. Dan countered with a snarky reply in which he said they don’t ship through UPS, only FedEx… to which I responded I’d made a mistake in the shipping carrier due to memory lapse, but still expected my shipment sent and delivered like the previous regardless of which company they used. After that things degraded further.

    I called fortunately on a day Dan was out ill and a different employee answered. She was absolutely lovely and couldn’t understand what had gone wrong with communications with Dan, then promised to reship my order using the carrier needed, not a problem! She was everything the other reviewers described in that a nicer person you couldn’t hope to meet. Naturally I was elated to speak with a nice human being finally to get this mishap straightened out, but weeks later when my shipment never arrived I emailed an inquiry into it’s whereabouts. Again I got a nasty one sentence response from Dan the shipping manager stating he’d cancelled that order and refused to give any reasoning behind so doing, not even receiving so much as a courtesy cancellation notice while I waited weeks for delivery. Evidently he took a great dislike to me over nothing one might expect. When I tried to call to find out what happened with the woman who was so sweet and willing in promising to help, Dan intercepted all calls to further add insult to this situation. When speaking with her before I had asked if Dan was the business owner to which she responded with an emphatic NO.

    Needless to say I no longer will do business with this company or it’s affiliate businesses again. They made what should have been a simple transaction into such an unpleasant one for no reason other than a minor error in shipping. It’s beyond me why any business would allow a shipping manager to mistreat repeat or any of their customers in this manner. I hope the company manager is reading this review because he needs to know what kind of people he’s hired and how they behave when not around or watching them. I’m glad the other reviewers weren’t subjected to him and had a better experience.

  5. Rachelle says:

    I had a similar experience with a mean customer service representative at soupsonline.com. I ordered Better than Bouillon and 5/6 of my jars came with an expiration date 2 weeks after they arrived. I sent an e-mail with a picture of all the jars and called, but got no response. I gave them the benefit of the doubt because it was around the holiday season. I called the next week and the representative practically yelled at me that he had sent me a personal e-mail & refunded the price of the soup. I asked him to resend the e-mail, but he never did. Then he yelled at me that he doesn’t even understand how I got those jars because they weren’t his stock numbers. He was just mean on the phone. I wanted to ask him to resend new jars, but I gave up. The venom in his voice and his unfriendliness made me never want to use this company again. I got my refund, but was left quite upset by the call. Next time I’m using a different site.

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